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Novakiller.1.9 (slysoft Reset Tool) nestmar




3.08 - now it works again i found the file but it doesnt work anymore? anybody know what to do??? I can't get my HP Touchsmart to work with Ubuntu. How can i fix it? Steevca, im not familiar with the touchsmart model, but have you read the HP website? Steevca, it works better on Windows than on Linux? Monkwitdafunk Yes,i tried everything that i could. knobc No,i can use it for linux. Monkwitdafunk It works fine with windows. Steevca, do you have a black screen of death? Steevca, can you read the HP website? No,i just have a blinking white line. Monkwitdafunk I can. Monkwitdafunk It just dont work. Steevca, where can you click? Monkwitdafunk For example,i tried to get my webcam working,but it didn't work. Monkwitdafunk On the bottom i have four little lines. Steevca, does any of the lines produce anything? Monkwitdafunk If i click on them i can get a menu with a webcam and a hardware manager. Monkwitdafunk They all work. Steevca, do you use the camera module or your laptop camera? Monkwitdafunk The webcam. is the model supported? Monkwitdafunk And i can't get the mic working either. hmmm Monkwitdafunk I found the file that it needs but i can't do anything anymore. Steevca, I cant help then Monkwitdafunk I know,i have been waiting




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Novakiller.1.9 (slysoft Reset Tool) nestmar

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