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If you live in Washington State don't be fooled by ads claiming high rates and guarantees on annuities.

Find out the truth.

We know annuities! Your local annuity source.

Information will be tailored for Washington State, your age and your income needs. This will insure you are getting the correct information available.

Annuities can be a key part of your overall retirement strategy. If you are considering buying an annuity you should do your research and consult with an annuity professional to ensure that it's an appropriate investment for your particular situation.

At Penny Lane Financial we believe in getting to know you and your unique situation before suggesting a plan. Start today - Get Informed.


Your Path To Better Investing

  • Best Returns Available

  • Guaranteed Principle Protection

  • A+ Rated Companies

  • Highest Lifetime Income

For more information please call 253-327-1177 or visit our website at

1804 W. Union Ave Suite #202, Tacoma, WA 98405

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