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4 Things Home Inspectors Miss On Inspection Day

1. Dryer Vents

If a washer and dryer are blocking the vents, chances are home inspectors are going to miss it. Some vents are so clogged, the dryer won’t even dry clothes. This also creates a fire hazard. If vents are relatively easy to access and straight enough, you can clean them yourself, but you may need to hire a professional.

2. Faulty Major Appliances

Major appliances usually have a decent shelf life, but even if home inspectors say they are functioning , proceed with caution. Many appliances like water heaters, dryers, gas stoves, can fail with little to no warning, even after passing a home inspection. Depending on the location and size of your home and the cost and age of the appliance, a home or extended appliance warranty will run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, but could be worth it. Both are cheaper than buying a new gas stove or water heater.

3. HVAC breakdown

Maintaining your home’s temperature is essential to comfort. Oftentimes, home inspectors simply don’t have the time to assess real issues with your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system in one short visit. Therefore, you can start to see problems on move-in day. Sellers may even try to hide AC problems because they are costly to fix, but hard to prove unless you actually live there.

4. Roof Damage

In general, home inspectors are looking for cosmetic damage to a roof, or obvious structural concerns. This can mean many issues are missed that inspectors aren’t trained to detect. Many home inspectors will recommend a professional roofer take a second look, but buyers who are strapped for cash may end up ignoring this advice. We recommend that you don’t ignore this and be sure to get someone out there to check the functionality of the roof. Those few extra hundred dollars to have this done could save you thousands in the future.

Be sure to talk to your realtor about these things so you can figure out how to best protect yourself. Read all of the contracts thoroughly, and make sure to pay close attention to any seller’s disclosures. Spending some extra dollars during the buying process will be worth it to protect your assets down the line.



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