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A Well Balanced Retirement Strategy.

The three most important aspects to consider in retirement must be equally strong, support each other and work together to achieve balance, just like a three-legged stool. Here are three legs, one just as important as the next.

Lifetime Income

How can I position my retirement nest egg so that funds last as long as I live?

A strategy involving a lifetime income stream is important when designing a balanced approach.

Long-term care

Who will take care of me if I can no longer care for myself? How do I pay long-term care, and limit the impact on the other legs of the stool?

Planning that factors in the unexpected can give you a better financial foundation.

Wealth Transfer

Who will inherit my money when I die? How concerned should I be about the taxes my loved ones will face should they inherit my money?

Considering the tax consequences of inheritance simplifies the process for your beneficiaries.

Preparing for a solid retirement requires a strong, three legged strategy. Talk to your financial or insurance professional about preparing for the future.



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