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Helping to Protect the Southern Resident Killer Whale.

We have chosen a deserving non-profit organization for our company philanthropy!

It is a Washington-based organization called the Center for Whale Research. They have been collecting demographic data on the endangered Southern Resident killer whale population for over four decades, recording all observed births and deaths. They also gather detailed information on the behavior and ecology of these animals, including information on where the animals are in geographic location and time, and their social behavior and foraging patterns.*

The Center for Whale Research website has data on encounters with various pods and individuals so you can track them and get to know them. It also has blog posts with fun stories, as well as general information about orcas and environmental practices that either need to end or take place in order to protect this species.*

Recently it was discovered that J35 had her calf, J57 who is a boy! He was spotted rolling, spyhopping, and swimming alongside his mother, who was actively foraging for food. It is estimated that J57 was born on September 4th and is the second viable calf of his mother. J57’s brother, J47, was born in 2010. J35 also gave birth to a calf in 2018, which died. She carried around her deceased calf for 17 days before letting it go. We know. It's depressing. *

For the Southern Resident killer whale community’s population sustainability, it is preferred that new calves are female. But regardless, J57 is a healthy new addition. He is robust and appears healthy. *

*For more information visit

We are so thrilled to be able to donate to this organization. Southern Resident orcas are magnificent creatures and are an important part of the Pacific Northwest that we are happy to help protect. Stay tuned for more awesome whale stories!


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