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Spring Cleaning

In our last post, we discussed home improvements to make your space feel more like your own. Another way to create flow in your home is to give it a deep clean. Inspire both productivity and relaxation with these spring cleaning ideas.

Wash your couch

Weeknight Netflix binges or Sunday Night Football on the couch means it can get dirty over time. Add pets and kids to the mix and that couch needs a good clean.

First and foremost, use something like a lint roller to remove all pet hair and lint. My favorite one is this one here and can be used on carpets, blankets, and clothing in addition to your sofa.

If the cushion covers are removable, you can wash them by hand in your bathtub (perhaps a stripping soak) or throw them in the washer if permissible. You can also purchase a hand held upholstery cleaner like this one here. If you really want to deep clean your couch to help it last for years to come, you can get your couch professionally cleaned. Google search to find couch cleaners in your area.

Don’t forget about the pillows as those likely need a good clean too.

Get to sanitizing

Items that are frequently touched often get ignored in people’s homes and can be prime locations for germs, especially during cold and flu season. This includes surfaces like light switches, door handles, remote controls, stair rails, toilet handles, sink handles, and drawer handles. Choose your favorite disinfectant and wipe everything down to remove germs and bacteria.

Care for your washer and dryer

Give your washing machine a deep clean with some vinegar and baking soda. You can learn more on how to do this here. This will ensure that your machine is working efficiently and effectively to clean your clothes.

It’s also important to vacuum the dryer exhaust pipe. Lint and other debris from your laundry can clog up your dryer's exhaust pipe over time. Not only can this reduce the efficiency of the machine, making it take longer to dry your clothes, but it also creates the risk of fire. Static electricity can create sparks, which can ignite lint in the exhaust pipe. This is especially dangerous if your dryer runs on natural gas. Vacuum the pipe from both ends to get rid of as much debris as possible, or hire a professional service for the best results.

Wash your windows and screens

If you have a large home, especially one with multiple floors, it may be best to hire someone to professionally clean your windows. Google search to find someone in your area.

If you have just a few windows, take the hose to them and buff out any dirt or marks with a microfibre and polishing cloth. No soap or harsh chemicals are needed. To clean screens, carefully remove them from their place and spray them down with the highest setting on your hose nozzle, let them air dry and put them back in their place.

Deep clean your vacuum

This is a task that many people overlook. If you use your vacuum frequently, chances are it is in need of a good deep clean to help it run smoothly. The type of cleaning you do to your vacuum will heavily depend on the type that you have. Read the owners manual for your specific vacuum or make a Google search to find out how best to care for your vacuum type. This will ensure that your vacuum lasts for years to come and is working most effectively on your floors and rugs.

We hope this information is helpful in your spring cleaning efforts. Whether you get to just one or all of these cleaning tasks, tackling these projects will make your house feel more like home.


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