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Three Reasons to Volunteer in Your Community

Aside from the main goal of helping someone or something in need, volunteering in your community can have a variety of benefits. People have different motives for volunteering, yet it proves to be a worthwhile and positive experience for many. Here are three benefits of volunteering and a reminder to do so.

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1. Meet New People and Build Community

Being a part of a team with a common goal can help you form bonds with strangers. Whether these interactions are temporary or turn into lasting friendships, they provide a sense of unity and camaraderie that contribute to your overall happiness.

Volunteering connects people with specific shared values, and teaches you new ones. In addition to likely having shared concerns for children, the homeless, natural habitat restoration, health and fitness, education, or whatever project you’re working on, volunteers also tend to be people who are willing to step out of their comfort zone, have an openness to spending time on a community effort, enjoy team- oriented activities, and the desire to contribute to the well being of others*.

While volunteering, you’re sure to meet people and make new friends that share common interests, values, and outlooks. You’re working towards a common goal for your community to nurture your sense of belonging and purpose.

2. Gain Knowledge and Understanding of Other Ways of Life

You might find yourself volunteering in a new part of your community that you have yet to experience before. As creatures of comfort and habit, we tend to get stuck in our everyday circles of people and volunteering is a way to break free from that. This experience can expand your understanding of others who are different from you.

Learning about cultures and ways of life that are unique from your own upbringing will increase your social flexibility and expand your worldview and make you a more understanding and happier person. It can also help to raise awareness of the issues that other people deal with and will increase important social skills like empathy and teamwork.

3. Gain a Sense of Purpose and Become Happier

Volunteering has been shown to give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, and to increase feelings of happiness**.

Throughout your life you’ve developed social and professional skills that promote your personal achievement. Using those skills for a wider, communal impact can prove to be extremely fulfilling. Volunteering will enrich your life, give you a sense of purpose, and motivate you to do good.

Feeling like you have a purposeful role in your community will make you feel happy. So get to it!

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