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Five Fantastic Finance Newsletters

Now more than ever, there’s information available about personal finance all over the internet. It can be a challenge to find content that is easy to understand, but also helpful for our unique situations. Today, we have five money-focused newsletters and websites for you that are great places to start.

You may have heard of NerdWallet, one of the largest and most popular websites about money. Their mission is to “provide the tools, information, and insight people need to navigate all of life’s financial decisions, so they can easily find what they need and get back to life”. Just as they say, their website makes it very easy to find information on whatever financial topic you may want to know more about, like mortgage or insurance.

At Just Start Investing, a team of financial experts writes blogs and updates their website with content regularly with the primary goal to make investing easy and accessible for anyone. They believe that investing doesn’t need to be complicated and that anyone can get started. This blog takes years of personal investing experience, credit card research, and excel budgeting work all on their site for anyone to access.

Money Scoop is a media company committed to helping you “become smarter in minutes”. They provide a variety of weekly newsletters and podcasts that you can choose from based on your goals and preferences. They have a weekly advice-column style Q&A centered on personal finance and break down personal finance vocabulary.

Investopedia is a great resource for finding definitions and explanations on topics that are both simple and complex. It is one of our go-to resources when we want to know more about a financial topic including economics, corporate finance, Roth IRA, stocks, mutual funds, EFTs and 401(k)s.

This newsletter is catered towards women. Jill Schlesinger is a certified financial planner, author, and award-winning business analyst who spent decades as a Wall Street trader and investment advisor. Jill is able to break down complex concepts to help us gain a better understanding of our finances. She has a feature on her website where you can contact her with questions and she responds to them with her expert advice.

We hope you find one or more of these resources helpful and make you feel more confident in your personal finance knowledge. Should you be looking for expert help, Penny Lane Financial has specialists in insurance, mortgage, retirement planning, securities products, and more.


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