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Growing and Protecting Retirement Savings: Annuities

Annuities can be a key part of your overall retirement strategy.

Annuities are insurance contracts that make regular payments to you either immediately or at some point in the future. You can purchase an annuity to help you grow or protect your retirement savings and/or to provide you with guaranteed income.

Before purchasing an annuity, you'll want to look at the various types of annuities and compare the pros and cons with your goals for the annuity. This will help you make the right investment in order to grow and protect your retirement savings. You'll also want to talk with an annuity professional, and Penny Lane Financial is here to help.

Benefits of Annuities

-Guaranteed income payments

-Provides an alternate way to save

-Helps you catch up on retirement savings

-Offers potential for tax-deferred growth and income stream for life

-Has the potential to help you maintain a certain standard of living

Check out the Annuities page on our website to view some FAQ's about annuities and please reach out to to learn more or inquire about our services.



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