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It's a Good Idea to Have a Financial Advisor: Here's Why.

It can be hard to justify paying for things that we believe we can handle on our own. A perfect example of this is paying a financial advisor to handle your personal finances such as how to invest, how to plan for retirement, or pay for a home. Although you may feel that you know best how to handle your money, a trusted financial advisor can help take you to the next level with their expertise, experience and education. At Penny Lane Financial we have trusted financial advisors to help you find peace of mind knowing you are in good hands and your money is safe and growing.

Why Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

  1. They keep you on track with your investing plan.

Planning for retirement can seem like a daunting task and a financial advisor can help you stay on track to good savings. A study from John Hancock showed that 70% of those who work with a financial advisor are on track or ahead in saving for retirement, compared to just 33% of those who don’t use an advisor *. Having a written plan really helps, and a financial advisor can make sure you have one and stick to it.

  1. They can help you plan for big events.

Financial advisors can help with a wide range of financial tasks and at Penny Lane Financial we will help set you up on the path to securing your finances, finding you ways to save, helping you plan for big events, and preparing you for the unexpected. Here are a few of the things a financial advisor can help you plan for.

  1. You don’t have time.

Let’s face it. We are all incredibly busy. Most of us barely have time to do the things we love and truly care for ourselves. How are we possibly going to spend the necessary hours researching and planning our investment strategy? This is why getting a financial advisor is always worth it. They’ll spend the time carefully making a plan that works for you. Fidelity surveyed its program participants and 77% of them admitted that they didn’t have the time or knowledge to be confident in their investment choices *. With a financial advisor you can feel confident. That brings us to the next point.

  1. They can ease stress.

Financial advisors are there to make your life easier, help you find security, and to keep your emotions in check. When the stock market takes a huge drop, your stomach may start churning. You might feel like your money is disappearing right before your eyes. Your hard-earned money--gone. As Chris Hogan said, “If you don’t have a financial advisor who can remind you that the market will go back up, your emotions could take over our logic and cause you to make stupid decisions- like pull out all of your money and hide it under a mattress” *.

A Penny Lane Financial we are passionate about setting you up on your path to better investing. Take the time to call or email us today for a free consultation. It’ll be worth it.



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