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What Can Penny Lane Financial Do For You?

By now, if you're reading this, you probably know who we are. But do you know what we actually do? Aside from having “Financial” in our name, how do we help people? Here’s a quick breakdown of our services and why they should or could be important to you:

Retirement Planning – Many Americans are not as prepared for retirement as they might like to be, or actually need to be. What does your retirement look like financially? Where will your income come from? What about your health insurance? Do you have a plan for income, property and estate taxes and the changes retirement will bring to these important topics? What about wills, beneficiaries, document storage, account access and so much more? It's never too early to start having these conversations with family and your financial advisor.

Life Insurance – Do you have insurance for your phone, but not for you life? Seems silly, right? It is. Most people do not like to think about life insurance, but it can be the best thing you do for your family and beneficiaries. How much do you need? What types are there? Did you know there are policies that will help with Long-Term care AND income in your later years?

Mortgage Services – We offer a wide range of mortgage services including refinances, reverse mortgages, VA mortgages, FHA and Conventional, HELOCs, short and long term loans, to name the most common. Let us help to get you an awesome rate with exceptional service. Interest rates are really low right now, and it's a great time to refinance your loan!

Home/Auto/Umbrella Insurance – The vast majority of us have home and auto insurance. While most people shop for the best deal, many people are over-paying for their personal insurance. We shop for you and also look for the best price, best coverage, and most importantly talk with you about what is the best coverage for your unique situation. There's so many options on the web it can be overwhelming, so we're here to help.

Annuity Consultation – This may seem like an odd service, but the data shows that Americans, especially baby boomers, are purchasing annuities at a record pace. Not only do annuities offer you guaranteed income and security, they often are a needed addition to your portfolio because pensions have decreased dramatically.

Investment Advice – What do you do when the market goes down? What do you do when it goes up? By having a seasoned professional look at your investments, you can gain peace of mind as well as options to choose from.

While this list does encompass much of what we do, we do offer other less prominent services too. These include Medicare Supplements, Long-Term care strategies, income planning, estate planning and general financial advice.

Our objective at Penny Lane Financial is to take extraordinary care of our clientele. These aren't just words, but a true sentiment of our philosophy. Our specialists are here to guide, educate and serve you in all areas of your financial life. By providing these complementary services you will always be able to get the help you need and the attention to detail that you deserve.

Give us a call, we're here to help. (253) 327-1177


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